Salem Witch Trial Charm Bracelet

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The Salem Witch Trials started on January 20, 1692, and ended November 25 the same year. Our Salem Witch Trial Bracelet tells the history of the trials with vintage images, and actual photo of the Corwin House where the trials took place and actual signature of William Stoughton who was the chief judge and prosecutor. Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry in Stainless Steel because how its made matters.

  • Stainless Steel with Sterling Silver settings
  • 5 Sterling Silver Charm Images of Salem Witch Trials, including the original Corwin House where the witch trials took place.
  • 5 Engraved Charms
  • Samuel Parris - Puritan minister in Salem Village, his daughter was the accuser
  • Bridget Bishop - The first woman hanged
  • Gallow Hill - Where the innocent were hanged
  • Salem, 1692 - When the trials started
  • William Stoughton - (Actual Signature), Chief judge and prosecutor
  • 14 Silver Charms, Indian Feather, cross, pilgrim woman, pilgrim man, house, broom, young girl, Tombstone, hanging tree, ghost, vintage lantern, witch, bible, judge
  • Sparkling Crystals in Black Diamond
  • Black Onyx Gemstones
  • Handcrafted and engraved in stainless steel, for durability
  • Adjustable Bracelet can be custom sized to any length.
  • Artist Created One of A Kind Design
  • Never Tarnish Stainless Steel
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Always Gift Boxed and Wrapped

Experience the perfect fit with our one of a kind handmade Salem Witch Trials Charm Bracelet designed for everyone including petite and plus size women, ensuring no more frustration from ill-fitting jewelry. Our custom sized jewelry guarantees a comfortable fit for everyone, every time, making sure you'll never have to adjust or struggle to find the right size. Our beautiful pieces, whether it's an Salem Witch Trials Designer Charm Bracelet, Salem Witch Trials Charm Necklace or Cute Matching Salem Earrings will always flatter you. Treat yourself to the Salem Witch Trials Bracelet and never be disappointed with the fit of your jewelry again.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ashley K.
    Love it!

    The pictures were edited to perfection and made to fit the little charms so perfectly! They look amazing! The whole thing is so much better than I expected, my mom is going to lose it when she sees it!!

    Judi T.
    Wonderful bracelet to celebrate my zodiac sign

    I love the choice of charms and the number of them that makes this bracelet so much fun to wear. I have been collecting and wearing Dea's bracelets and necklaces for many years and have given some over the years to dear friends. Best charm bracelets ever.

    Tamera T.
    10 for the Ten Commandments bracelet

    I love my new bracelet with each commandment engraved on a tablet shaped charm. Add to that, a meaningful charm - such as a blade next to Thy Shall Not Kill and the Holy Family next to Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father.
    This bracelet is well made with lots of charms, plus I was able to select the crystal color of my choice.
    I've already received a lot of compliments on this work of art and will definitely purchase another creation from Dea in the near future.
    Thanks again for providing such quality work.

    Love, Love , Love

    My bracelet is beautiful. Exactly what I wanted.

    Wonderful bracelet

    This bracelet is so cute. It brings back great memories of watching Winnie the Pooh when I was young and watching it with my kids. I am so happy with it.