Frequently Asked Questions

Quality is always Remembered

A detailed look at what materials are used in our handmade jewelry
Our artists create exclusively in metals that include 316L stainless steel, fine cast pewter made in America, and some .925 sterling silver.   All metals are nickel free and will never turn or tarnish.  We use only the highest quality crystals, Fresh Water Pearls, and Semi-Precious Gemstones. 
Because we believe how it's made matters we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our Jewelry.  

316L Stainless Steel & Sustainable
I fell in love with 316L stainless steel almost 20 years ago when creating in sterling silver.  I wanted a metal that was beautiful, affordable, durable, and would never tarnish.  This is the beauty of stainless steel, it was all of this and more.  It contains no fillers so you won't have an allergic reaction plus it is sustainable, recyclable, and looks like antique silver, great for the environment.  Stainless is the main metal in all our jewelry.  You will find it in our chains, components, clasps and around 25% of our charms.  

Stainless was a perfect marriage for my one of a kind designs and line of jewelry as it was a green product.  It is 100% recyclable, is not coated with any toxic material and does not produce toxic run-off.  During production, stainless steel already uses 70% recycled metal as its primary raw material.

Even if stainless steel is not recycled and it does find its way to a landfill or disposal site, it will have no detrimental effect to the soil or groundwater and is the preferred material for green building throughout the world. Its impact on the environment is minimal when compared to other jewelry materials as it continues to be re-used and recycled.

American Made Fine Pewter
Fine Pewter is a beautiful metal that will never turn color or tarnish and is hypoallergenic.  We purchase only Lead Free and Hand Cast Fine Pewter Charms made in America.  This casting from molds created by artists makes for very beautiful and detailed charms.   Pewter has been used in jewelry making for 100's of years.  Fine pewter is the main metal in about 75% of our charms.  
Within the USA the FTC regulates pewter charms with strict manufacturing guidelines.  We never purchase charms outside the USA,  Why? Tibetan, Zinc Alloy and other charms purchased overseas are not regulated and can contain toxic metals and cause sensitivities and allergies.  They are not pure silver in color, contain very little pewter (many contain no pewter at all) and are nothing more than plated copper and other pot metals.  They have a very short shelf life are heavy and brittle. 
It can be difficult for the consumer to see the difference as these overseas manufacturers have started to copy entire lines of charms created and cast here in the USA. 
This is our secret for a lightweight and full charm bracelet just like Grandma wore.
Sparkling Crystals
Our crystals used in our jewelry are synonymous with the highest quality glass crystals and are known as the Diamond of the Crystal Industry, specializing in crystals since 1892.  The patented cutting machine allows for a cut that creating a high refraction index in the crystals resulting in lots of sparkle and shine. 


Watch us hand wire wrap a Sparkling Crystal

Fresh Water Pearls
Freshwater pearls come in many different grades.  At Blackberry Designs Jewelry we only use Grade A Freshwater Pearls, these are the most expensive and are often used in quality designer jewelry. 

We don't use glass or plastic pearls in our jewelry because they will fracture and peel over time and have a low life expectancy.    

Semi Precious Gemstones
From Rose Quartz Hearts, Black Onyx, Labradorite, Fire Agates, and Turquoise to Real Amethyst we love gemstones around the studio and use it within our jewelry when the design calls for it.  

We don't use synthetic gemstones in our jewelry, put simply, we don't like the quality and they can fracture easily.   

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver, while a beautiful metal, has a couple of issues.  100% sterling silver does not exist for jewelry as it it to soft.  It has to be hardened with copper and other metals in order to be formed.  This strengthens the sterling but also can cause allergic reactions, also tarnishes frequently again due to the copper content in the metal. To be labeled silver, sterling, it must contain 925 sterling and 75 other hardeners and fillers.  Due to the possibility of an allergic reaction we limit our use of sterling in our jewelry and use only items that will not come in contact with the skin, like some of our charms.

I'm Allergic to Silver?  
I often hear "I am allergic to silver." People who think they are allergic to silver are usually allergic to nickel. A nickel allergy that causes a rash is very common causing people to think that they are allergic to silver. Our Designer Jewelry is contains no nickel or fillers.

I have a extra large or extra small wrist?The beauty of handmade is we fabricate our own chains.  Need a size 4 1/2 or a size 10 we can do it at no additional charge!  Just let us know.

Do you personalize your jewelry?
Almost 50% of our jewelry is personalized jewelry.  For more information about our personalized jewelry, please visit our personalized jewelry page.

Do you offer discounts? 
We do have occasional sales, be sure to signup for our emails or sms and you'll receive 15% off your first order, plus free shipping!