Magical Potion Charm Bracelet

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Indulge in the enchanting allure of our handcrafted charm bracelet adorned with mesmerizing Gothic potion bottles. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite piece is designed to never tarnish, thanks to our exclusive Never Tarnish Silver™. Every element, from the Stainless Steel findings to the components, has been chosen for its exceptional quality and durability.


  • Never Tarnish Silver™
  • Stainless Steel Finding and Components
  • 5 Sterling Silver Charm Images of Love Potion, Time Travel Potion, Truth Potion, Fountain of Youth and Prosperity Potion.
  • 5 Engraved Charms
  • 14 Silver Charms, Potion Bottles, Planets, #9, Mystic Palm, Heart Key, Spell Books (2), Magic Wand, Fortune Teller, Hearts (4), Hand with Cards, Glasses with Potions (2).
  • Sparkling Crystals Golden Topaz, Ruby and Jet
  • Glass Hearts in Jet Black and Ruby Red
  • Adjustable Bracelet can be custom sized to any length.
  • Artist Created One of A Kind Design
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Always Gift Boxed and Wrapped
  • Matching Earrings

At the heart of this captivating bracelet are five sterling silver charm images, each depicting a mystical elixir of love, time travel, truth, the fountain of youth, and prosperity. These beautifully engraved charms hold the secrets to an otherworldly journey. Surrounding them are 14 intricate silver charms, featuring potion bottles, celestial planets, the mystical number 9, a captivating Mystic Palm, a Heart Key, spell books, a magic wand, a fortune teller's crystal ball, hearts, a hand holding tarot cards, and glasses filled with mysterious potions.

To add a touch of shimmering magic, the bracelet is adorned with sparkling crystals in shades of Golden Topaz, Ruby, and Jet. With its unique blend of Gothic charm and mystical allure, this bracelet is more than just jewelry; it's a wearable enchantment that speaks to your love for the mysterious and the magical. Embrace the mystique of this handcrafted charm bracelet and let it weave its spell around your wrist, making every day a journey into the world of the extraordinary.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley K.
Love it!

The pictures were edited to perfection and made to fit the little charms so perfectly! They look amazing! The whole thing is so much better than I expected, my mom is going to lose it when she sees it!!

Judi T.
Wonderful bracelet to celebrate my zodiac sign

I love the choice of charms and the number of them that makes this bracelet so much fun to wear. I have been collecting and wearing Dea's bracelets and necklaces for many years and have given some over the years to dear friends. Best charm bracelets ever.

Tamera T.
10 for the Ten Commandments bracelet

I love my new bracelet with each commandment engraved on a tablet shaped charm. Add to that, a meaningful charm - such as a blade next to Thy Shall Not Kill and the Holy Family next to Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father.
This bracelet is well made with lots of charms, plus I was able to select the crystal color of my choice.
I've already received a lot of compliments on this work of art and will definitely purchase another creation from Dea in the near future.
Thanks again for providing such quality work.

Love, Love , Love

My bracelet is beautiful. Exactly what I wanted.

Wonderful bracelet

This bracelet is so cute. It brings back great memories of watching Winnie the Pooh when I was young and watching it with my kids. I am so happy with it.