Are Charm Bracelets Still in Style in 2021?

Are Charm Bracelets Still in Style in 2021?

Once in a while I’ll hear someone ask if charm bracelets are still in fashion. I love answering that question, as it typically comes from someone who is looking for a gift for their loved one! But for those of us who wear jewelry and always have, I can answer that yes, charm bracelets are in style in 2021 for so many reasons. And they’ll continue to be in style after 2021.
The way I see it, personalized jewelry will always be in style. Personalized jewelry means something special to the person who wears it, and that stands the test of time! All of the jewelry I design is Mid-Century Modern jewelry with a twist. This style is timeless and lasts a lifetime.

Are charm bracelets popular?

The most important thing about your jewelry is that it makes you feel good! Some would say that they prefer their jewelry to be trendy and popular, while other people would rather not be trendy. It’s personal preference and everyone is different! But my customers tend to believe that wearing a personalized piece of jewelry matters so much more to them or their loved ones than whether or not their charm bracelet is popular. 

How many charms should be on a charm bracelet?

If you have a charm bracelet or you’re purchasing one for the first time, it’s okay not to know where to start. That’s no problem! We’re here to help you start with a base design that you love, and you can always add more charms over time. If you’re not sure which design to choose because there are just so many you love, we have a recommendation for you. You can start small with just a couple of charms that mean something special to you. Then later, you can add pieces to mark big milestones in your life, or add charms that represent important people in your life.

Also, don’t be afraid to switch out your charms on your jewelry as your life’s story unfolds. Many of my customers have started collecting charms over 10 years ago, and they switch out their charms depending on the season or to wear at special holidays or occasions. The beauty about a charm bracelet is that it can be customized at any time.

Our silver charms are durable and lightweight, but they’re also easy to remove and reattach when you want to change the look of your jewelry. 

Are charm bracelets still stylish in 2021?

Absolutely! When it comes to high-fashion and designer styles, charm bracelets have certainly been spotted on the runways of 2021. In addition to charm bracelets, models have been seen wearing charm necklaces, rings, and anklets too. It’s also predicted that charm jewelry will stay in style on the runways and in fashion magazines well into 2022.

Large media companies like Forbes and many runway designers are talking about charm bracelets, citing them as “back in style.” But really, have they ever gone out of style?! I would say no. As someone who has been wearing charm bracelets for many years, I’ve seen charm bracelet trends come and go, just like anything else in fashion. 

But the way we see it, charm bracelets will be in style for years to come. You see, charm bracelets, especially ones made with antique stainless steel, have a timeless look. And the main characteristic of timeless jewelry is that it never goes out of style. Charm bracelets are right up there with diamonds and pearls as classic mainstays that have been in fashion since the 1800s. Yes, that’s right… The first known charm bracelets were first created in ancient times! To this day, charm bracelets are worn all around the world. 

Charm bracelets are historic

Charm bracelets originated as far back as ancient Egypt! It’s incredible that this type of jewelry was designed in ancient times and had spiritual and cultural significance. I love that there was a spiritual significance to this jewelry, as we have our own collection of spiritual and inspirational jewelry at Blackberry Designs that represents meaningful beliefs to the wearer. 

Charm bracelets were first introduced to the United States commercially in 1889 by Tiffany and Co. Charm bracelets are a timeless jewelry style that has been popular for many decades in the United States and for centuries around the world.

Charm bracelets are timeless 

Charm bracelets have a timeless feel, especially bracelets that are made of stainless steel and high-quality metals that don’t tarnish or turn color. 

Jewelry trends for fall 2021 include charms that dangle from the wearer’s wrist, neck, fingers and even ankles with charm bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets adorned with charms. But while trendy jewelry is only good for a season, timeless jewelry lasts a lifetime. And charm bracelets are certainly timeless.

Charm bracelets are collectibles

While perhaps some charm bracelet styles can be considered trends, charm bracelets that are hand selected by the wearer or as gifts make amazing collectibles. 

Just like other types of collectibles, charm bracelets are collectible jewelry that you can add onto over time. This makes them perfectly suited for staying in style for many years. As your life’s story unfolds, you can continue to add new charms to your bracelet, and take older charms off of your bracelet. This gives you an ever-evolving piece of jewelry that is in style in 2021 and beyond, telling your latest and greatest story. 

Charm bracelets tell your story

Your story deserves to be told. Whether you’re selecting a charm bracelet to tell your story or to tell a story of a friend or loved one, charm bracelets can be customized perfectly to the wearer. Charm bracelets can be deeply personal! They can truly tell the story of a person’s life, and that’s what makes them so unique and special. 

When you choose to customize a charm bracelet specifically for yourself or a loved one, your charm bracelet starts off as a blank canvas. Then piece by piece, over time, the person’s story is told. Charm bracelets are so beautiful in this way!

Whether it’s your daughter, sister, grandmother, or yourself that you’re purchasing a charm bracelet for, know that you’re purchasing a timeless, beautiful, and personalized piece of jewelry that she’ll find so special. 

New pieces can always be added to memorialize times in a woman’s life that she wants to honor. Whether it’s the birth of a child, a big life change, or a lighthearted display of her love of animals, charm bracelets can represent many stages of a woman’s life better than trendy or fast fashion jewelry. Trendy jewelry only lasts a season. Making an investment in a timeless piece of jewelry lasts a lifetime. I love helping women select and find the bracelet that speaks to her heart. 

Our charm bracelets are better for the environment

For the eco-minded jewelry lover, sustainability is more important now than ever. I grew up in simpler times, when we recycled and reused as much as we could. We worked with what we had. Today, I love creating jewelry from sustainable stainless steel for its many benefits. One of these benefits is that stainless steel is a green product. This means that it’s 100% recyclable, and it’s not toxic for the environment as steel production doesn’t produce toxic runoff. It also does not negatively affect soil or groundwater, even if it’s not recycled. 

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Now that we know that charm bracelets are still in style in 2021, which charm bracelet will you choose to personalize? 

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