Are charm bracelets in fashion?

Are charm bracelets in fashion?

Charm bracelets, especially high-quality, artisan crafted bracelets, are extremely versatile and personal. They’re customized just for the wearer, whether you’re wearing it yourself or you’re giving one as a gift to someone special.

The classic charm bracelet has been in fashion for centuries around the world, and charm bracelets are still in fashion today. This type of jewelry truly stands the test of time, and for so many reasons. Here are 5 reasons why charm bracelets are in fashion and why they will stay in fashion for years to come.

5 reasons why charm bracelets are in fashion

Are you thinking about investing in a charm bracelet? Sometimes I talk to people who love the idea of wearing a custom charm bracelet, but they also ask, “Are charm bracelets in fashion?” Next I would ask them if they love a classic and timeless yet modern look in their jewelry. Most people say yes! If this is true for you, then charm bracelets are perfect and never go out of style.  I still have and wear my bracelet that I received as a child from my father in the late 1960's.  

Here are five reasons why charm bracelets are in fashion and why they make a wonderful choice for your next investment piece in your jewelry collection. Charm jewelry also makes an amazing heartfelt gift for family and friends.

1.   You can custom build your look.

With charm bracelets, you can custom build the look of your jewelry. Whether you like a minimalist look or a more elaborate one, charm bracelets can be custom made for your style. Charm bracelets are full of personal, meaningful charms that you choose. Choose one charm or one style that you love as a base to build upon, or choose a variety of charms to suit your taste.

As your interests evolve over time, so does your jewelry. An artisan crafted charm bracelet is one investment to make in your jewelry collection now that will pay off, since you can wear your bracelet for many years. There are so many charms with symbols and motifs that can tell the world about you and your interests. A custom designed charm bracelet will always be in fashion, and you can wear it with pride.

2.   Charm bracelets tell your story.

Telling your story through jewelry will always be in fashion—and charm bracelets are a great way to do this. Charm bracelets help you tell your story and express your life’s journey. As you evolve over time, so can your jewelry.

As you mix and match charms, choose ones that you love and are inspired by. Later, you can always remove any charms you don’t want to wear and replace them with charms that fit your current passions, travels, family, and more. Popular charms are birthstone charms for children or grandchildren, engraved charms with names of loved ones, and miniature charms that come in virtually any shape you can imagine.

Think of all the ways you can tell your life’s story through your jewelry, and a charm bracelet can help you do it! Whether it’s the story of your children and your family history, the story of your travels abroad, a story of all of your favorite things, or remembrance jewelry of a cherished relative, charm bracelets tell your story in a beautiful and fashionable way.

3.   Charm bracelets are collectibles.

Unlike trendy fast-fashion jewelry, which usually doesn’t last or stand the test of time, charm bracelets are collectible jewelry pieces. When you start your charm bracelet, maybe you just love wearing charms that represent your world travels. When I was younger, my grandmother gave me a charm bracelet as a family heirloom, and each time my father traveled the world on business, he brought back new charms of faraway places. That made for a special, collectible item that will be cherished in the family forever.

The great thing about charm bracelets is they’re collectibles. You can collect all kinds of charms, and mix and match them as you wish. Charm bracelets are investment pieces, collectibles, and family heirlooms, so find one that you love and that will last for generations. Imagine your children and grandchildren wearing the charm bracelet that you’ve passed down to them! They can add their own charms and create an even more special heirloom piece. 

4.   Charm bracelets are classic.

Charm bracelets have been created and worn for centuries all around the world. Archeological evidence shows that early charm bracelets were first fashioned from as long ago as 600 BC.  In ancient times, charm bracelets were worn for luck or protection. In more modern times, charm bracelets were worn by Queen Victoria in England during the late 1800s when she began wearing a gold chain with lockets. Charm bracelets were very in American Fashion in the 1940's and women and girls loved showing off their personalities through their jewelry.

Although trends come and go, classics last a lifetime. Sometimes charm bracelets are more in the mainstream view, featured in fashion shows and magazines, but classics just never go out of style. Like pearls and diamonds, charm bracelets are classic and have deep roots in history. They’re also classically beautiful. The charm bracelet is a recognizable style that many people adore.

5.   Charm bracelets make amazing gifts.

Charm bracelets make amazing gifts for any occasion, as they’re personal and meaningful to the wearer. Whether you design a minimal bracelet with a silver charm or two, or a bracelet full of sparkly charms, anything goes no matter what your favorite style is.

You can customize a charm bracelet exactly to the liking of a close friend or family member to give them for a holiday or special birthday. Moms and grandmothers just love charm bracelets that represent their families. Kids also really love charm bracelets filled with fun symbols of their interests. There are so many themed charm bracelets that focus on a specific interest. We have over 500 designs of charm bracelets that you can view to see the options available when it comes to charm jewelry.

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Stainless steel charm bracelets are in fashion

Stainless steel charm bracelets are in fashion because stainless has so many qualities that make it perfect for jewelry. Stainless steel has a gorgeous, timeless look, and isn’t trendy like rose gold or novelty metals. Which means your charm bracelet will last pretty much forever.  No plating means no tarnishing, turning colors and won't oxidize. 

While sterling silver jewelry is lovely, it tarnishes easily and can be very soft and not as durable. Plus, oftentimes harder metals need to be added to sterling as a filler to make it more sturdy. Many people are allergic to these fillers.

Stainless steel, however, is hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate your skin. It’s also durable and surprisingly lightweight. So, if you’re worried that all your charms will be heavy, selecting jewelry made from stainless steel will ensure that your charm jewelry is lightweight and comfortable.

Stainless steel is also eco friendly, so for those who value sustainably made jewelry, stainless steel is a great option. Stainless is 100% recyclable and the manufacturing process does not produce toxic runoff. Stainless is also already made with 70% recycled metal as its primary raw material. Read more about why stainless steel here.

Now that we’ve talked about several reasons why charm bracelets are in fashion, are you ready to start your charm collection?

Do you have any questions about charm bracelets, stainless steel, or how we create our designer charm bracelets? Contact us anytime, we’re happy to help.

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