Create your own Charm Bracelet

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Size - adjustable


Tell your story with your own personalized charm bracelet.  You choose and I will create a one of a kind piece just for you.  Handcrafted in non tarnish stainless steel.  Artisan Jewelry created in America to last a lifetime.

  • Never Tarnish Silver
  • Retro, Mid Century Modern Style
  • Comes with 20 silver charms from the catalog
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • Flat Curb Chain Handcrafted for comfort and a perfect fit
  • 3 Personalized Engraved Charms
  • Colorful Crystal Birthstones 
  • Will never turn color or tarnish
  • Lifetime Warranty

A handcrafted, personalized charm bracelet is a testament to craftsmanship and individuality. Each meticulously chosen charm tells a unique story, capturing cherished memories and passions. Its beauty lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in the emotions it evokes. As its wearer adorns the bracelet, they feel a sense of pride and connection to the piece they designed and I brought to life. The bracelet becomes an extension of their identity, a constant reminder of their taste and creativity. Its everlasting shine brings joy, knowing it will never fade or tarnish, symbolizing a timeless bond between the wearer and their treasured creation.

Customer Reviews

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Ashley K.
Love it!

The pictures were edited to perfection and made to fit the little charms so perfectly! They look amazing! The whole thing is so much better than I expected, my mom is going to lose it when she sees it!!

Judi T.
Wonderful bracelet to celebrate my zodiac sign

I love the choice of charms and the number of them that makes this bracelet so much fun to wear. I have been collecting and wearing Dea's bracelets and necklaces for many years and have given some over the years to dear friends. Best charm bracelets ever.

Tamera T.
10 for the Ten Commandments bracelet

I love my new bracelet with each commandment engraved on a tablet shaped charm. Add to that, a meaningful charm - such as a blade next to Thy Shall Not Kill and the Holy Family next to Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father.
This bracelet is well made with lots of charms, plus I was able to select the crystal color of my choice.
I've already received a lot of compliments on this work of art and will definitely purchase another creation from Dea in the near future.
Thanks again for providing such quality work.

Love, Love , Love

My bracelet is beautiful. Exactly what I wanted.

Wonderful bracelet

This bracelet is so cute. It brings back great memories of watching Winnie the Pooh when I was young and watching it with my kids. I am so happy with it.