Celestial Jewelry, Star Bracelet, Fantasy Jewelry with Sorcerer

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Elevate your style to the realm of magic with our Celestial Jewelry, Star Bracelet, Fantasy Jewelry with Sorcerer . Crafted in shimmering silver, it features enchanting magical moon, shining star, and wizard charms. Sparkling Amethyst and Sapphire crystals add a touch of mystique. Handcrafted for durability, this adjustable celestial jewelry is a spellbinding addition to your collection.

  • Stainless Settings with Wizard Images in Amethyst and Sapphire
  • 16 Silver charms, Palm reader, Chalice, Crystal Ball, Raven, Candelabra, Owl, Magic Wand, Wizard, Potion Bottle, Wizard Hat, Castle, Book of Spells, World Globe, Spider Web, Planets.
  • 4 Engraved Stainless Steel Charms
  • Celestial Jewelry Engraving:  Sorcerer, Merlin, Spells, Potions
  • Sparkling Crystals in Amethyst and Sapphire
  • Gift boxed and wrapped
  • Handcrafted and engraved in stainless steel, for durability and will never tarnish.
  • Adjustable Bracelet can be custom sized to any length

Step into a world of enchantment with our Celestial Jewelry – a moon bracelet, star bracelet, and magic bracelet all in one! Crafted with celestial charm, it shimmers with moon and star elements. Featuring whimsical wizard images in Amethyst and Sapphire, you'll find a charming collection of 16 silver charms, including a Crystal Ball, Magic Wand, and Potion Bottle. Engraved stainless steel charms boast sorcery-themed phrases. Adorned with sparkling Amethyst and Sapphire crystals, this celestial jewelry is handcrafted for durability, ensuring it never tarnishes. It's gift boxed and adjustable, making it a truly magical addition to your jewelry collection!

Customer Reviews

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Kim C.
This is the cutest bracelet!

I love this bracelet. All the gnome pictures and charms. The little mason jars with gnome sayings are fun to read. I like looking at all the charms and checking out their details - like the garden gate. The elf shoe made me chuckle. What I like most, is that the gnomes have faces, which is my preference over just a nose. Great job! As with all of her other bracelets, the craftsmanship is fantastic.

Absolutely the Best!!!

I have bought several of Dea’s Charm Bracelets. And I love each and every one of them! My newest buy is the Salvation Scripture Bracelet. It’s an amazing piece because all of the charms are of The Old Testament and The New Testament both. I also love the details each of the charms. I will definitely be wearing this Charm Bracelet when I go to Church.
I Love this Bracelet and the would highly recommend it!
Loving Dea’s Charm Bracelets,
Elizabeth 😍😍😍

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is excellent! This charm bracelet is beyond my expectations! It’s beautiful, high quality, looks beautiful on my wrist! It’s easy to put on and take off, the charms are adorable and beautiful! The attention to detail is amazing! It came wrapped in adorable Pooh paper, with a card about the artist and care instructions. I am over the moon in love with this bracelet and will be ordering more jewelry from this artist in the future!

How do I leave 25 Stars?

I have no words. None, that can describe how AMAZING this bracelet is in person. I had it saved in my cart for a year, and am very glad I finally splurged. I’m so proud to own a piece this awesome! (And the packaging it came in was next-level!) How do I leave 25 stars on this thing? 🤩

SUPERSEDED my expectations

This piece SUPERSEDED my expectations by leaps and bounds. Each piece was different and specific to each other. The pictures don't do this piece any justice. Thank you so much.