Handmade Charm Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings

  • Best Jewelry for Plus Size Women

    Best Jewelry for Plus Size Women

    Personalized Plus Size Jewelry!

    Are you tired of buying jewelry that never seems to fit right? Do you feel like you're always settling for less than what you really want? Look no further! Blackberry Designs Jewelry has been creating handmade, custom-sized jewelry for plus size ladies since 1998, with the plus-sized goddess in mind.
  • Bold Accessorizing with Colorful Charm Bracelets

    Bold Accessorizing with Colorful Charm Bracelets

    Colorful Charm Bracelets & Bold Accessorizing

    The 1960's are back with Colorful Charm Bracelets loaded with charms & layered with bling.  The new maximalist jewelry is having a huge comeback in 2023. Statement jewelry is all the rage this year, and maximalist charm bracelets are no exception. The look is bold, colorful, fun and most of all, eye-catching. Everyone will want to know "where'd you get that?"

  • Women of History - Female History Hero's

    Women of History - Female History Hero's

    American Women of History

    Women have played a significant role in American history. From the early days of the colonies, women have been an integral part of shaping the country. Female History Hero's have been activists, leaders, and trailblazers in various fields.  Some notable women in American history include:

  • Charm Bracelets and Black Onyx Gemstones

    black onyx jewelry

    The Mystery of Black Onyx Gemstones

    The cool colors of Black Onyx is the perfect marriage to the warm undertones of stainless steel and make a beautiful contrast in color and depth.  Because Black Onyx is so versatile I can pair Onyx with almost any crystal or other gemstones and use it throughout my Onyx Charm Bracelets, Earrings and Charm Necklaces. Mixed with Peacock Pearl Gemstones, Austrian crystals, Amethyst Gemstones and Tanzanite have given my Onyx Collection some of the most beautiful designs. 

  • Is Tibetan Silver Jewelry Toxic?

    Is Tibetan Silver Jewelry Toxic?

    Tibetan Jewelry - 15 million and counting....

    Did you know if you search Tibetan silver charms on google you will find 4.15 million hits.  While searching for Tibetan jewelry you will arrive at over 15 million hits.  If you love purchasing jewelry as gifts or collecting beautiful jewelry for yourself this should be disconcerting.   But why?