Charm Bracelets and Black Onyx Gemstones

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Black Onyx the Perfect Gemstone for Jewelry?
Black onyx jewelry is a must-have for anyone's collection, much like a classic black suit or little black dress. The bold and striking stone can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. In the past, black onyx was thought to be an evil stone that attracted negative energy. However, it is now believed to have the ability to absorb negativity and promote balance across cultures. In addition to its symbolic properties, black onyx is also appreciated for its affordable price, glossy finish, and versatility. Its cool black color makes it the perfect gemstone for pairing with silver charm bracelets. 

What is the Black Onyx Gemstone?
Black onyx is a gemstone made of silicon dioxide, the same material as sand and quartz. It is formed in layers, and the black color is due to impurities in the layers. Onyx is a popular gemstone for use in jewelry, and it is often used in round beads and faceted cuts in the stone to bring out the cool sparkle.  Onyx is a hard and durable stone and a perfect match for Charm Bracelets, Earrings and Charm Necklaces.

What does Black Onyx Symbolize?

Black onyx is a gemstone that has a number of positive qualities and is often celebrated for its benefits. Worn as jewelry it is said to be helpful in grounding and balancing oneself and can also serve as a protective stone. It is also thought to help absorb negativity and promote positive energy. In addition, black onyx is thought to help balance the yin and yang in you and your space.

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Black Onyx Gemstone in Mythology
Black onyx is a gemstone that has a long history dating back to ancient Greece. The term "black onyx" is believed to have been derived from the Greek word "ὄνυξ," which means "fingernail" or "claw." According to legend, when Venus, the goddess of love, was sleeping on the banks of the Indus River, her son Cupid cut her fingernails with his arrows and placed them in the sand. The gods turned these nails into beautiful stones and named them onyxes. At that time, the term "onyx" referred to any shade of the gemstone, including white, red, brown, and black. Eventually, the Romans began using the term only for the darker variations of the gem, which is why today, black onyx is the color that is most commonly associated with the gemstone.  

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Black Onyx in Silver Charm Jewelry

Black onyx is a birthstone for both July and December. According to the ancient Italian and Hebrew calendars, onyx is the birthstone for July, while the ancient Tibetan calendar assigns onyx to December. Astrologers of the past believed that onyx gave people power and courage, and assigned it as the birthstone for the two most ambitious signs of the Zodiac, Leo and Capricorn.

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Black Onyx in Jewelry Design for Charm Bracelets

The cool colors of Black Onyx is the perfect marriage to the warm undertones of stainless steel and make a beautiful contrast in color and depth.  Because Black Onyx is so versitile I can pair Onyx with almost any crystal or other gemstones and use it throughout my Onyx Charm Bracelets, Earrings and Charm Necklaces. Mixed with Peacock Pearl Gemstones, Austrian crystals, Amethyst Gemstones and Tanzanite have given my Onyx Collection some of the most beautiful designs. 

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