Arts and Crafts to Relieve Stress and Boredom

Arts and Crafts to Relieve Stress and Boredom

Creating is Cheaper than Therapy and Healthier than Chocolate!

These are such difficult times for everyone so finding something to relieve our stress and boredom is important.  In my other life, I taught mixed media art to the elderly.  It was such fun and my guests told me they would come into my studio and feel so much better after they left.  The experts tell us that the act of being creative relieves stress while we are focusing on the other side of our amazing brains.  We can get into the zone and the hours pass without even realizing it.  I believe it helps to release those endorphins that give us a feeling of well-being.

Does Art have to be Beautiful? 

For people who were afraid of art or crafts, and thought whatever they created had to somehow be beautiful I developed a class of 'ugly art', art for the sake of art, there is no such thing as perfection in art, but creating just for the fun of it.  These classes were my most popular and decoupage the most fun of all.  

Decoupage, a Fun and Fast Craft for Adults and Kids 

Decoupage is the craft of applying paper to a surface.  You can decoupage shoes, purses old plastic, glass.  You can use napkins, paper, fabric and just about anything you can glue to a surface you can decoupage.  Great for upcycling and recycling. 

 Paint under your Fingernails, Glue on your Arms and Glitter in your hair

Are you ready to try a fun project, grab some paper, scissors, and glue and head on over to the YouTube channel of my friend Patti Elholf for some fun with Decoupage! 

Project of Upcycled Tin Cans!   

These are such extraordinary times we are living in and I wish this fun craft to give you a break from the stresses of your day.  

Wishing you Well ~ Dea

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